Friday, December 15, 2017

LMC Animal Studies in Gdansk with Erasmus+

Earlier this term four lucky Animal Studies students from the College undertook three weeks work experience at Gdansk Zoo in Poland. At what is the largest zoo in Poland, the students closely shadowed the keepers in four different sections of the zoo; monkeys and reptiles, hooved animals, carnivores and birds. 


They also experienced the day to day husbandry regimes required to take care of these animals as well as the daily training exercises of some species including elephants, giraffes and seals for health checking purposes.


Funded as part of the Erasmus+ KA1 STEM2 project, feedback from the hosts was very positive in what is a long standing partnership between the College and Oliwa Zoo in Gdansk.





 The student feedback was also very positive. One LMC student commented,

I will take away a lot of positives from this experience. I lived independently in a different country for three weeks for the first time. I learned the basics of another language too, but best of all I had an amazing opportunity to work closely with carnivores and even got to handle lion cubs!”

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