Thursday, December 8, 2016

APT Project Meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus

Myself, Lenka and Matt were in Cyprus this week for the inaugural meeting of the APT Project.

APT stands for Apprentice Preparation Training and is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.
APT will run for 30 months is led by LMC and has 3 main objectives:


 - Investigate different approaches, tools and needs across the 7 country partnership in preparing young people from the vocational sector to be 'work ready' and methods of issuing careers advice.


- Develop a scalable and transferable training programme to be piloted in colleges, schools or other organisations dealing with young people transitioning from education to the labour market.


- Developing and piloting useful eTools and methods to test a learners' suitability for a specific job or field of work and matching their aptitude to a specific, local job opportunities.


There are 8 partners from across the vocational field and beyond, that offer a variety of approaches dealing with an increasingly important area or concern in the labour market. The next developments will be a project platform and the research element of the project so watch this space for further developments - John Latham



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