Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Half term... but a busy week for LMC in Europe!

As students enjoy a mid term break, staff from LMC are all over the continent on project meetings, visits and training courses. Six of our support and teaching staff are currently in Europe either battling cold Baltic blasts, Scandinavian snow storms or a more moderate Mediterranean breeze!


The Erasmus+ Respect4 School Partnership are out in Oslo, preparing for the next stages of the project and activities for the lucky waves of students that will flow to Greece and Italy. They will also share ideas for the next wave of outputs on the project: a research package, poster campaigns and training for educators. 

Two staff are in Vilnius on an Adult Education training course funded by Erasmus+ all about Emotional Intelligence being run by Dorea Educational Institute. It is hoped that their experience will be cascaded back into the wider College and students will benefit from new ways of working. 

Two more staff are enjoying the temperate climes of Palermo, Sicily, also as part of the Erasmus+ Adult Education stream of Erasmus+. The course all about Enneagram, where everyone emerges from childhood with one of the nine types dominating their personality is also being run by Dorea Educational Institute 

There are several other staff attending training session in 2016 as well as a record number of students going into Europe on Educational Visits and Work Experience placements.

It actually seems a little strange that I am the one back in Blighty!  JL

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