Monday, November 2, 2015

Digital Timelines: Third Transnational Meeting

Digital Timelines Erasmus+ KA2 Project : Third Transnational Meeting

Two representatives of the United Kingdom Project organisers at Lancaster and Morecambe College… recently went to meet with the other European partners in Sweden; reviewing the progress and achievements, and watching the first pilots of the partner’s interpretations of the project outcomes. The project running from September 2014 until August 2016, aims to create informative videos, that will contain various types of content; still pictures, videos and sounds, that will cater to the needs of dementia patients and their carers.

Teams from Romania, Sweden, UK, Slovenia and Turkey will put together an informative video which will be available to dementia patients and their carers for free, hoping to help people with memory loss spark a positive reaction or to encourage conversation through reminiscence.

The meeting hosted by Studiefrämjandet, took place in Falun, Sweden commencing 22nd October. During the short trip, a carer of dementia patients from Sweden, gave invaluable feedback to the piloting saying that, the still pictures in the PDM (personalised digital memory) could last longer as the dementia patients no time to understand the image. However, they were very positive about the progress already made; starting to put training courses into practice to gather feedback from the carers and patients.

The meeting on the second day, ended on a positive after successfully agreeing on the action plan and the success of the ongoing project celebrated at the farewell dinner at Kronohallen.


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