Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Art of the Start in Igoumenitsa, Greece - A Happy Ending

Art of the Start in Igoumenitsa, Greece
Despite the very early start to Manchester Airport we arrived in a sunny Corfu with our local partners from AgeUK in Lancaster. This was to be the final meeting of the Grundtvig Art of the Start Partnership project to finalise and share our outcomes from this successful two year project.  
We have all learned a lot from this project which focusses on approaches in mentoring young adults and support them in starting their own enterprises. The project partners brought together senior entrepreneurs with the younger adults to devise and test our multilingual 'Coaching the Start' Handbook and share experiences in local intergenerational settings. All partners conducted local training sessions and master classes thanks to bilateral and trilateral meetings in the project.
We met the partners in the village of Sivota, just outside of Igoumenitsa on Sunday and prepared for our Monday meeting. The meeting included a lovely photobook presentation from the municipality of Igoumenitsa and information about the area. Partners discussed the final projects outputs and reports as well as how to use the materials after the end of the project.
Project partners discussed new project ideas for the future and others ways to cooperate in the meeting and over the wonderful cultural visit to Paxos and Anti Paxos by boat - JL

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