Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Start - Art of the Start in Czech Republic

LMC took part in the Start Meeting in Ostrava last week. Two LMC students studying business and two accompanying staff flew out to Prague then made their way to Ostrava to meet the other Grundtvig project partners for what was a great meeting. There was a rich programme of culture and enterprising visits that explored concepts of bringing generations together around the theme of entrepreneurship.

Ellis and David - LMC Students

Art of the Start www.artofthestart.eu is a two year Grundtvig Partnership project that was developed to offer practical support to senior mentors and students who might want to explore the possibilities of starting their own business.

The two lucky LMC students (above) have been enjoying some free 'Start Up' mentoring in conjunction with AgeUK (Help Direct) in Lancaster who provide the volunteer mentors.

On the website there is a practical guidebook and framework for mentoring entrepreneurs as well as meeting images and other information from the project.

There will also be a compendium of best practice from the partner countries; UK, Spain, The Netherlands, Greece and The Czech Republic.

Each country will now use the mentoring guide in their own institutions and countries and feedback at the last meeting in Greece in June. (JL)

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