Thursday, October 2, 2014

ECAPSE in Lancaster

ECAPSE in Lancaster - no, not ESCAPE!

The ECAPSE Project had its third and 'half way' meeting here at LMC this week.
ECAPSE is a 24 month Leonardo Transfer of Innovation Project of the European Commission based on finding a common training model for staff who encounter young people at risk in their work.

The theme of this meeting was piloting approaches developed by UK professionals at LMC, and testing with partners and teachers from 5 European countries. UK, Sweden, Italy, Germany and Bulgaria are the involved countries sharing and contributing different perspectives.

The piloting sessions were 'hands on' and lively, using a range of approaches with useful contributions from everyone. The next process is to refine materials in preparation for translation into the partner languages. During the meeting individual, organisational, local and national needs were addressed in relation to how to make this a common set of approaches with a common aim but also locally relevant. Key LMC staff contributed their expertise and experience and were involved in making this a fruitful meeting.

David Wood welcomes ECAPSE Partners
ECAPSE is setting out to enable a common understanding and better cooperation to help support to young people with special needs and also increase collaboration between Vocational Education organisations, health services, employer organisations, businesses and enterprises. The next meeting will be in Germany with the final meeting held in Sofia in June 2015 in the meantime follow us here: - JL

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