Friday, March 21, 2014

ECAPSE Project goes to Italy

Two Lancaster and Morecambe College support staff recently visited Vasto in Italy as part of a European Funded project to compare approaches to overcoming young people dropping out of education. The Leonardo Transfer of Innovation project, ECAPSE involves five partner countries; Sweden, Germany, Bulgaria, UK and Italy who will work towards adapting and preparing new approaches to the problem of educational exclusion. The economic and social impact of withdrawing from education is a recognised problem across Europe and the project hopes to develop support resources for parents, carers, teachers and counsellors around a series of core topics that can contribute to educational failure.
The international visitors will visit Lancaster and Morecambe College in the next academic year to pilot the resources with international professionals and LMC partner organisations. The lasting impact of this project will offer a modular, off the shelf series of materials free for educational use.

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