Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Let's TALK about it!

LMC will take 3 staff to Germany in February to start our involvement with the TALK (Teaching Adults Lifelong Knowledge) Partnership Project as part of the Grundtvig Programme. Grundtvig Learning Partnerships are funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union.

The TALK Project aims to identify and share best practices in the development and support of interpersonal skills so that adults with learning difficulties and/or disabilities will be empowered. Through collaboration between organisations who deliver, or are related to, training in adult education, this project will enhance the learning situation for adults with learning difficulties and/or disabilities. These adults especially, face a variety of challenges in education and re-education and are not seldom at the margins of society. In this project we want to analyse different approaches and methods to overcome what is seemingly similar barriers to education for adults of all abilities, but especially for those who have learning difficulties or disabilities.

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