Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 A New Year - A New Round of Lifelong Learning Programme Bids

Happy New Year to all of our Past, Present and Future Project Partners! It's a Dickensian welcome to the New Year with Lifelong Learning Programme Application deadlines looming large!

With only a mere momentary pause for thought in The Community and International Partnerships Unit and after a succesful 2011, CIPU are in full flow preparing bids for the 2012 LLP call. So far it's looking like 3 Learning Partnership bids (Grundtvig and Leonardo), 2 or 3 Leonardo Vetpro Mobility bids for LMC staff CPD, 2 or 3 New Leonardo Student Mobility exchange bids and 1 Leonardo Transfer of Innovation Bid... Think about us while you are sharing the superfluous mince pies and left over Quality Streets and counting the days until half term in February!  :) JL

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