Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Serious Computer Games as a Teaching Tool - Kick Off Meeting

Last week saw the Kick Off Meeting for The SCOGATT Leonardo Transfer of Innovation Project. SCOGATT stands for Serious Computer Games as a Teaching Tool. Arising from the EnerCities Serious Games Project funded by Intelligent Energy Europe, SCOGATT aims to deliver an online toolkit and compendium of games and resources to help Vocational Education Teachers use an increasingly important educational tool - the 'Serious Game'... In the coming months the 7 partners from; UK, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Sweden, Turkey, Lithuiania and Italy will collaborate on different aspects of the project to create a useful and meaningful platform to support teachers and trainers in VET and share the experience with the wider European and Educational professionals.



  1. yeah, the magnificient Eleven!!?

    C U soon


  2. There is clearly a PhD study in this, should anyone want to take it forward. I also think its important work, that needs doing sooner battlefield 4 free download rather than later. (For those interested in this area, do also see the Preserving Virtual Worlds project, although they didnt cite our previous work. grump).