Wednesday, August 24, 2011

LMC - A New Era in Europe

New Era...
LMC are set to embark on a new era in our commitment to lifelong learning opportunities for our students and staff. The Community and International Parterships Unit (CIPU) has now been formally agreed and will officially operate from September 2011. It will consist of four coordinators and two administrators, all working on a diverse range of projects, initiatives and training courses. There will be a strong community focus to compliment the existing ESF and International Projects such as Grundtvig, Transversal and Leonardo. The whole department will be overseen by Sue Keenan who has a wide experience in managing educational and other international projects.
This year...
LMC will be involved in two Leonardo Transfer of Innovation Projects as well as its existing LLP partnerships. After the completion of the EnerCities project in September we will embark on a 24 month project sharing techniques, developing training and designing a toolkit to train teachers how to use games in the modern classroom setting. Other new ideas are already being discussed in the office about possible projects to continue the good work already started in FacetoFace and WOW partnerships. We are still waiting for approval for one or two other projects and are already discussing Leonardo Mobility sports and care exchanges for 2012 applications. It's going to be a busy year - JL

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