Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Approaches New Skills for Social Inclusion - Using Social Media to Tackle Social

LMC are heavily involved in the use of Social Media in our Lifelong Learning Projects and presented in London as part of project above with the following theme; a global marketplace, instant communication through social media is vital not only for individuals but also for companies. Teachers have, therefore, to understand the global communication dynamic and be competent in using emerging media and technologies to be credible with young people and to raise their aspirations, embracing a new pedagogy as facilitators in a global learning environment.

The team delivered aspects of Serious Gaming and its use in the modern day classrom. Another focus was the EnerCities Serious Game and our experiences getting it played in VET and GFE colleges and schools here in the UK and across the Project Partnership countries. We focussed on the skills gap of many teachers and how the project has led to an application for a Leonardo Transfer of Innovation Application bid for funding this year.
Facebook advertising also was explained as was the success stories and lessons learnt as we went along in the 36 month process - 60,000+ players on Facebook!
I also went on to present how we use Social Media in our LifeLong Learning Projects to - Communicate, Collaborate and Disseminate what we do to a wider audience by new channels of communication.
The knock on effect of all this exposure and digital sharing process is a more efficient way to tell the wider world and amplification of the message you want to spread!
So let's hope hope this works :) Johnny L

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