Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ostrava - Grundtvig E-Safety Workshop

Monday saw the start of the week long Grundtvig E-Safety Workshop in Ostrava. It made a nice change to see the sun for the first time in seemingly many months. Many different countries were represented: UK, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Estonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Portugal and Latvia... I think that's everyone! Anyway, there are educators, policemen, NGOs, Governmental agencies and volunteers to name but a few. We are going to be involved in a radical E-safety experiment to test E-Safety surrounding Facebook. The results of this experiment seem to be completely unpredicatable and will culminate in a party on Friday evening. More about this as it happens.... Local schools are also taking part in this experiment and today we met the students which was really great fun and also interesting to see E-Safety from a young person's perspective. JL

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  1. It was real thing in Ostrava! All participants got good experience. And now is time to share our new knowledge in our countries and in our schools.

    Tiina, participant from Estonia