Tuesday, February 8, 2011

De la Gardiegymnasiet - Lidkoping Sweden...

We all know that first impressions count for a lot right?
Well, today I visited De La Gardie, Lidkoping (Sweden) for the first time and my first impressions were, to say the least 'very positive.' Friendly staff, happy students and great quality learning environments were everywhere. Learning was taking place in every teaching area, common room and social hub within the laid back atmosphere of the school. Another striking impression was the ubiquitous use of notebooks and laptops throughout the campus. Students were learning, communicating and playing in the very way young people should, albeit with Mac Book Pro computers! Ever since the $100 laptop idea sprang out of the USA several years ago, issuing students with their very own personal learning tool has been the dream of many schools and colleges throughout the world. Here they have done it and proof that it really works is everywhere! You should go and see it in action if you don’t believe me!
Ok, my Swedish isn’t great (actually non existent) but students of all ages and abilities were happy to talk and share their experiences whenever called upon in wonderful expressive English! They were very positive about their courses, school and teachers; from childcare to construction and music to catering. I will return to the UK with some pedagogical thoughts and education related ideas from my visit to De la Gardiegymnasiet, Lidkoping and Sweden generally but most of all I will try to find out how I can get a free Mac Book Pro! JL

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