Monday, May 17, 2010

A Bridge Too Far... The Enercities Nijmegen Catch Up

After the Enercities Granada meeting was cancelled back in April it was decided that we needed an alternative Enercities meeting and where better to hold it than Nijmegen. ROC Nijmegen as well as being the lead partners is an easy to reach spot 1.5 hours away from Amsterdam by train.

The meeting was a 1 day 'turbo' meeting in the new ROC Nijmegen state-of-the-art campus. Just a short walk from the hotel and with a bit of bike dodging we all made the meeting safely at 9am with the Paladin Boys arriving shortly after. The session included our Rollout plans and discussion of the half way stage of the project with some of the positives and negatives about the project so far and the road ahead.

The game itself is without doubt a success story with The Paladin crew putting together a first class resource... Now its the turn of the other partners to get it used inside schools and the message through to the young people of Europe. The game is made, the partners have spread the Enercities message far and wide but now we have to turn the positivity into commitment with a big C.

Good news is that prizes can now be offered for the best scores and this should help in the overall aims. The winning Spanish school in the 1st competition took away a Solar Kit and individuals won other great prizes.

Early November sees the UK partner visit. LMC are investigating the best time and place for a local Enercities competition as well as the 3 remaining International events. So far it looks like October, March and June for the International events but watch this space... JL

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