Friday, October 9, 2009


While the rest of the team were enjoying the delights of Copenhagen (although missing Grundtvig's statue must have diminished their experience), I had a brisk walk back along the seafront to Ronnowska Skolan to visit their Chef Lecturer Urban. Despite a very busy day, Urban had kindly given me some time to discuss the possibility of student work experience exchanges between our two colleges. The students in both organisations are of a similar age and following very similar programmes of study and, like all Swedes we have met, they speak excellent English! We will follow up ideas of a Leonardo exchange when we have each discussed ideas with our respective colleagues, but it would be a great development if we could work together.

Another brisk walk back - I'm getting to know the seafront like a native - and then a train up to Vaxjo were old acquaintances will be renewed! The trains of course ran like clockwork - even though they were electric!

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